Training Academy Series


The Academy Series is designed for all athletes. Our series of position and skill specific classes offer on-court skills training and discussions. The Position Academy Series builds on a base of fundamentals and provides next-level training for participants. Each program is broken down by skill and level.

See below for a variety of training opportunities for all types of players!

Travel Team Clinics

Visit our DAYSMART Online System for a complete list of  upcoming Travel Team – Pre-Season and Regular Season Training Opportunities. 

All Open Gyms will be run by Carolina Juniors Volleyball Travel Level Coaches and Directors. Pre-registration is required. Each player must also be on a currently CJV Travel Team. Space is limited. No walk-ins the day of please.

Below is a list of position training opportunities. There is no cost to register, and is for current CJV travel players ONLY. Sessions are ran by our directors, with the help of our coaches.

Dates, times, and registration information will be available for 15-18U players after August 7, and for 11-14U players after October 9.

Fall Position Training Series

Fall Training information will be available after Sept 1!

This Position Training Series is a six week program ran by our Master Coaches. Each program is broken down by skill, and sessions will progress each week. Sessions are maxed out at 16 per session to ensure players are getting quality coaching and reps.

  • Players can register for the entire six week program – cost TBA.
  • There is a discount for players who register for more than one Academy

Each day is dedicated to one skill (see schedule below). Within each day, there are three sessions that are broken down by skill level. The skill level definitions are explained below. The chart is meant to serve as a reference point to help parents decide which option is best for their player. All players will be evaluated at the first practice of the program, and coaches will communicate with players if they are in the right level. Players could be moved to up OR down, based on their skill level.

At the end of each six week program, players will receive a recommendation for the next season. Players may graduate to the next level, or coaches may recommend they stay in the same level.


Beginner 1 – Little to no experience; has participated in the Bronze, Practice + Play, or Lil Spikers (or program similar to these elsewhere)

Beginner 2 – Little to some experience; has participated in Silver or School programs (or programs similar to these elsewhere). Players can serve from behind the endline (or close to it), and understand the basic language used in volleyball.

Intermediate 1 – Player has played in a Gold or Regional program, and/or for their schools. They have a good grasp of the fundamentals, can serve over the net consistently, and have decent ball control.

Intermediate 2 – Player has played on a Regional or Semi National team (for CJV or elsewhere). They can execute the fundamental skills consistently, can serve over the net aggressively, and have decent ball control.

Advanced 1 – Player has played on a Semi National or National team (for CJV or elsewhere). They can execute the fundamentals very well, can serve over the net aggressively, and has excellent ball control.

Advanced 2 – Player has played on an Elite or National team (for CJV or elsewhere). They’re fundamentally sound and are looking to advance their knowledge of the skill. This level is for the most advanced athlete.

Refund Policy
No refunds will be offered after the first week of the program. We will not pro-rate for missed classes.

Day of the Week Skill Focus Dates Level + Times Price Registration
TBA Setter Fall 2024 TBA TBA Coming In Summer 2024
TBA Hitter Fall 2024 TBA TBA Coming In Summer 2024
TBA Defense Fall 2024 TBA TBA Coming In Summer 2024